The Impact Of Religion On Culture

The Impact Of Religion On Culture

Culture and religion appear to be complicated concepts. Philosophers and scholars have long debated the real meaning of both these terms along with the impact that they have on the comprehension of the social world. It is not a very complicated task to study culture and religion at the global front. This is because the complexity of both these terms can be recognised and respected without getting confused about the meaning of each term.

The Meaning of Culture and Religion

It is very important to sketch culture and religion separately prior to bringing both of them together for forming a composite picture. Religion is a category that was once considered irrelevant to be studied by policymakers and scholars. This is because religion was not believed to be significant for the security and the economic interests of the modern countries and their residents. Hitherto, there are many scholars in the present times that hold religion has something important for the society. They are of the view that religion cannot be easily ignored in these modern times. In the same way, the culture was also underplayed previously but the even culture has become a subject of significant study in the present times.

How does Religion Affect Culture?

Religion has a major impact on different cultures and this impact envisages itself in varied ways. Religion might have an impact on the same culture in varied ways and at varied times as well. When the people of a certain culture start having a strong belief in religion, it can have a major influence on that culture. This is because that particular culture starts accepting only those methods of thinking and only those behaviours that are acceptable in their specific religion. There are many countries in the present times that have developed cultures dominated by a certain religion were socialising with people of the opposite sex or having alcohol are things that are clearly frowned upon. This is something that is found in the Muslin countries where the culture is affected by Islam. However, such influences are not just limited to the Muslim countries.


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