The Impact Of Christian Church On European Culture

The Impact Of Christian Church On European Culture

In the past, European society was completely centred around the Christian Church and this had a major influence on the European culture. All cultural expressions were found to be church-related art appeared only religious and even the music that was produced was religious. Cultures of those times greatly valued religion and this value was to an extent that the people were willing to use major resources for activities like building cathedrals and supporting monasteries. The major impact of Christian Church on European culture is also found in the present times.

Is Religion Affecting the Present Society?

Nevertheless, religion always does not have a very strong influence on culture. There are many countries in the present times where religion does not have a strong say in the society. Religion in such countries has a minuscule effect. In Ireland, gay marriage has recently been legalised which is something not acceptable in a Catholic country. This puts forward the fact that the impact of religion on the present society is slowly fading.


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