A2DP Bluetooth Headset

A2DP Bluetooth Headset

A2DP, or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, is a bluetooth profile which defines how multimedia sound can be sent from one gadget to another – streaming music from a mobile phone to a headset, for example.  We feature two A2DP bluetooth headset products from GOgroove and LG.

A2DP Bluetooth Headset – GOgroove BlueBEAT SE

This device enables users to choose is they want to listen to music or calls using one ear or mono, or both ears or stereo. This option is great because the user can choose to leave one ear open for other noises in his or her surroundings or they can listen with both ears and drown the world in the music that he or she is listening to. Different situations call for different ways of listening.

GOgroove headset has built-in remote control which allows the user to skip a track, replay it, pause, or stop it altogether. The user has the power and the device is just waiting for a touch of its buttons and the user’s will will be done.

This device puts the user in total control when taking or making calls. They can mute the microphone so that they will not be heard by the person they are talking to, call previous number so that redialing is very convenient, and transfer a call from the Gogroove headset to their mobile phone. The user does not need to worry if a call is received while he or she is listening to music. Upon receipt of the call, the music will stop playing and resume right where it stopped after the call has ended.

It may not be as loud as other headsets are but it is definitely enough for most people’s needs. Its batteries may only last for about four hours but recharging is very easy so no worries about this matter.

Making and taking calls is one of this headset’s strongest points as the other person’s voice can be heard clearly.

A2DP Bluetooth Headset – LG HBM260

HBM260 is the ultimate wireless headset. Aside from allowing users to listen to music or calls conveniently and efficiently, it also allows the users to read text messages with the appropriate Android application. This feature gives a whole new meaning to convenience when it comes to wireless headsets.

This simple yet elegant looking headset connects to a mobile device instantly. It is user-friendly with its simple controls and one can easily use this device without having to read the user’s manual. This is perfect for people who are always on the go especially those who drive a lot. It will keep them safe without cutting communication with other people. It has stable signal which most wireless headsets do not have once it is a yard away from the mobile device. Every time it gets connected to a mobile device, a voice message will notify the user about the connection status and the battery life. It can last on standby for about one whole week. This is definitely a very convenient feature!

The ear pieces may not fit comfortably but it is still a steal considering its price. It is a practical wireless headset packed with great features and top rate performance. It also does not have skip, pause, and fast forward controls. Most iPhone users may also need to manually connect their headset to their iPhone. It would not connect automatically unlike other devices. However, connecting is done through a press of a button so it is not a problem at all.

It makes human voice sounds ultra clear which is advantageous for people who use it a lot for phone calls.  One charging of 2 and a half hours can give the users more than eight hours of listening to music and about fifteen hours when used for voice calls.


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