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Farah is an independent Palestinian organization, supported by individuals and friends, which helps Palestinian children living in exile in Syria in refugee camps. Farah manages two kindergartens in the following fields: 1. Yarmouk (Damascus city), 2. Khan Al Shek (35 km from Damascus). The third kindergarten was recently completed in Nerab (city of Aleppo), but inside there is nothing and to get started we would need about 10 thousand dollars just for furniture. In the three structures there are about 360 children between the ages of six months and six years. We have numerous needs to manage kindergartens.

We would need: 50 beds for children, with mattress and lining, since the little ones currently sleep on the floor, for about 10 thousand dollars. We have a microbus, received as a gift from Norway, which we use in the field of Yarmouk, and we are trying to have two more for the other kindergartens: a motor vehicle of this kind costs about 15 thousand dollars on the local market.
We would need to install central heating in Khan Al Shek and in Nerab for the next winter: the cost is about $ 6,000, both included. We have many projects and several necessities. Please help us support Palestinian children.


Decorating tips for religious people

Decorating a home is one of the most difficult tasks for most of the people especially when you’re looking to decorate a home as a religious family. There are several people around the world that respect their religion more than anything else and they consider following the religion in every aspect of their life. That’s why these religious people consider decorating their home according to the instruction of their home.

There are some religions that don’t cause any effects on such things but there are some religions that instruct their followers to decorate their home in a unique way. In this article, we’re going to show some tips that will help you decorate your home in a religious way.

If you are a religious person and want to decorate your home according to your religion’s instructions, you must take help from the HomeCity Real Estate Austin because they respect all the religions and they can provide you the ideas of how to decorate your home according to the teachings of your religion.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing tips that will help you decorate your home according to the teachings of your religion.

Consult a religious scholar

The religious scholars have all the important knowledge about a religion. They can help you understand the deeper facts of the religion that every follower of the religion doesn’t understand.

If you don’t know whether your religion provides some instruction regarding home decoration or not, you must consider taking help from a religious scholar as they can help you find the appropriate answer to your question.

The religious scholars can also provide you some ideas of how to decorate several parts of the house. Nothing can be better than consulting a religious scholar if you want to decorate your home in a religious way.

Reading the instructions

The followers of all the religions have made a collection of several instructions that their religion teaches them. You can take help from those books to find out if there are any particular instructions regarding home decoration in your religion. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in finding the solution to your problem because these books have several chapters in them.

You can open the relevant chapter and find the answer to your question by reading the instructions.

Help from friends and family

If your friends and family member are following the same religion, you may take help from them to find out that what kind of instruction your religion provides regarding home decoration. They’ll provide you the appropriate answer to your question because they must have heard about this at least once in their life. You must consider asking a religious friend instead of asking a casual friend so that you may find the answer to the question without wasting your precious time.

The Impact Of Religion On Culture

Culture and religion appear to be complicated concepts. Philosophers and scholars have long debated the real meaning of both these terms along with the impact that they have on the comprehension of the social world. It is not a very complicated task to study culture and religion at the global front. This is because the complexity of both these terms can be recognised and respected without getting confused about the meaning of each term.

The Meaning of Culture and Religion

It is very important to sketch culture and religion separately prior to bringing both of them together for forming a composite picture. Religion is a category that was once considered irrelevant to be studied by policymakers and scholars. This is because religion was not believed to be significant for the security and the economic interests of the modern countries and their residents. Hitherto, there are many scholars in the present times that hold religion has something important for the society. They are of the view that religion cannot be easily ignored in these modern times. In the same way, the culture was also underplayed previously but the even culture has become a subject of significant study in the present times.

How does Religion Affect Culture?

Religion has a major impact on different cultures and this impact envisages itself in varied ways. Religion might have an impact on the same culture in varied ways and at varied times as well. When the people of a certain culture start having a strong belief in religion, it can have a major influence on that culture. This is because that particular culture starts accepting only those methods of thinking and only those behaviours that are acceptable in their specific religion. There are many countries in the present times that have developed cultures dominated by a certain religion were socialising with people of the opposite sex or having alcohol are things that are clearly frowned upon. This is something that is found in the Muslin countries where the culture is affected by Islam. However, such influences are not just limited to the Muslim countries.

The Impact Of Christian Church On European Culture

In the past, European society was completely centred around the Christian Church and this had a major influence on the European culture. All cultural expressions were found to be church-related art appeared only religious and even the music that was produced was religious. Cultures of those times greatly valued religion and this value was to an extent that the people were willing to use major resources for activities like building cathedrals and supporting monasteries. The major impact of Christian Church on European culture is also found in the present times.

Is Religion Affecting the Present Society?

Nevertheless, religion always does not have a very strong influence on culture. There are many countries in the present times where religion does not have a strong say in the society. Religion in such countries has a minuscule effect. In Ireland, gay marriage has recently been legalised which is something not acceptable in a Catholic country. This puts forward the fact that the impact of religion on the present society is slowly fading.

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